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February 8, 2018

September 12, 2017

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Red Bar Giveaway!!

September 12, 2017




The Hot and Sinful Nights boxed set will be published in just a few short weeks (on September 26 – but you can pre-order it today @ http://amzn.to/2xV075a). To celebrate this, the authors featured in this set have come together to offer you some amazing giveaways, as well as give you the chance to read several hot and steamy samples from the books featured in the set.


As part of this author hop, I am giving away a $5 Gift Card and  a signed paperback copy of Coming For You. Read to the bottom of this page for details on how to enter, and links to the other authors’ awesome giveaways.




I motioned for her to follow me over to my desk. She sat down across from me, fidgeting slightly as she settled down in the leather chair. We stared at each other for a few seconds, both of us trying to fight back the sexual tension that we were drowning in. It wasn’t fair that she had put her hair up in a bun. It gave her this sexy librarian look that I wasn’t prepared for.

“What exactly did you want to know, Ms. Hart?” I leaned back in my chair and smirked at her. Anything I could to try to shift some of the power back my way. I didn’t like being taken off guard. “I assume this isn’t a social call.”

She blinked. “No, it’s definitely not a social call.”

“That’s too bad, but I don’t see why my secretary let you in if you don’t have a reason to be here.”

“Secretary?” she practically spat the word. “Don’t you mean receptionist?”

“I don’t think so, sugar. You know there’s a reason that glass ceilings exist right?” I winked at her. Oh this was going to be fun. Dillon was easy to rile up.


“And most men like me enjoy looking at pretty little things like you, so we enjoy letting you come in and write your stories about us.”

She glared at me from over her dark rimmed glasses and started gathering her things to leave. I really was being chauvinistic pig, but it was fun to press her buttons. None of the shit I was spouting out was things I actually thought, I just wanted to see her purse her lips and get all worked up, ready to throttle me from across the desk.

“God, you’re such an asshole. Why in the hell did I get stuck with you of all the people that work at ESEC?”

I tried to hold back the laughter that was threatening to come out. “You know you like working with me. I tell it like it is.”

She narrowed her eyes. Oh hell, I was probably going to get smacked if I didn’t tell her it was a joke soon. “So you telling me that I should be at home doing laundry and dishes in that penthouse of mine doesn’t make you a sexist prick?”

“I just meant—”

“What? You meant that women aren’t capable of working outside the house? We should all just be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen?” She shoved her chair back from my desk and stood up. “Go fuck yourself, Dr. Turner.”

She really was worked up.

“Dillon, I’m just fucking with you.”

She ignored me and grabbed her bag off the floor, staring daggers at me when I stood up. I was around my desk in seconds, wrapping my hand around her wrist and tugging her against me before she could leave. I pressed my hard cock up against her and let the heat take over for once instead of fighting against it. This woman was going to drive me insane.

“You’re not listening to me.” I backed her up into the file cabinet, a soft whimper escaped her as I ran my tongue along the column of her neck. “You’re the kind of woman that could do either. Dillon, you’re sexy as hell in these pencil skirts and heels, but I could easily imagine you in your apartment, wearing old sweats and a tee shirt from my alma mater looking just as fucking good.” My voice dropped lower. “I want to fuck you right here.”

She bit down on her lip and lifted her chin defiantly. “What’s stopping you, Dr. Turner? Is it an ethics violation?” she taunted.

She gasped when I turned her around swiftly, pushing her down over the cool metal and lifting her skirt up over her round ass. I ran my fingers along her damp panties “Is this what you wanted, Dillon?”

She moaned as my hand slapped down over her ass.

“Oh, god.”

The ripping sound of fabric filled the room as I tore off her panties in one smooth motion. I leaned down over her, pressing my front against her back. “I need you to tell me that this is what you want or I’m not going to touch you, gorgeous.”

She looked over her shoulder as I unfastened my belt and unzipped my pants, lust shining bright in her eyes. Her hands ran over the large bulge in my pants and I groaned. God, this woman was hot. She bit down on her full bottom lip as she tugged my pants down my hips.

“Zane, shut the hell up and fuck me.”

I grinned and certain that she could see the wild, dirty thoughts running through my mind. There were so many things I wanted to do to her. It was like fucking Christmas, I didn’t know where to start.

“Lay down on the desk. I’m going to eat your pussy before I fuck you.”

Her eyes flashed at my command. I watched her gracefully move from being bent over the file cabinet to being spread open wide for me on my desk. My cock throbbed, ached to be deep inside her pussy. He was going to have to wait. She looked at me through hooded eyes as I kneeled down in front of her. Her back arched off the desk as I ran my tongue along her inner thigh, nipping at the soft skin every few inches.

“Hurry up,” she begged. “I thought you wanted to—Oh god.”

As I sucked down on her clit, her words cut off in a breathless moan. Her fingers tangled in my hair, yanking softly as I licked and teased her, and her stiletto heels dug into my back, urging me to continue. I ran my hands up the loose fabric of her shirt where it had came untucked from her skirt. Her nipples were pebbled against the flimsy lace of her bra. I squeezed her breasts tightly, almost painfully as I continued to circle her clit with my tongue. I wanted her first release to hit her hard and fast. Maybe then she wouldn’t be so damn argumentative.

“Fuck. I need more,” she whimpered.

Her eyes met mine as I slid a finger inside her while still sucking down hard on her clit. She arched off the desk as her release rushed over her. Dillon’s sharp cry filled the room and I clamped my hand down over her mouth to muffle the sound. There were nurses and doctors roaming the halls of this place and the last thing we needed was to be found with her laid out over my desk and my cock hanging out of my pants. I stood up and let my slacks fall down to my ankles and as I did Dillon turned over on the desk, flaunting that perfect ass.

My hand slapped down hard, making the skin pink beneath my fingers. “Is this what you want, baby? You want me to fuck you from behind?”

She glanced at me over her shoulder and bit down on her bottom lip, nodding her head as she did. Fuck. I wanted to be the one to bite down on that lip. I slapped her ass again and positioned myself at her entrance. We both moaned at the teasing sensations. My cock sank a few inches inside her slowly.

“Condom,” she choked out.


Never in my life had I ever forgotten to use a condom. It took me two seconds to grab my wallet from my pants and roll a condom down my throbbing cock while cursing myself for my stupidity. I pushed her back down over the desk and thrust inside. She bit down on her wrist and I about lost it. Dillon was so fucking sexy and the fact that she had to restrain herself from making all sorts of noises was hot.

I leaned down over her, my hips moving faster and hitting exactly at the right angle. “Fuck your pussy feels good, baby,” I hissed in her ear.

Her fingernails dug into my thighs as she reached behind us to clutch at me. The little hellcat was going to draw blood. I wanted to laugh, but I was so close to coming that I was afraid anything would set me off. She writhed underneath me, so close, but not quite there.

“Touch yourself. Rub your clit and make yourself come on my cock,” I whispered in her ear.

Her hand went down obediently and she started circling the bundle of nerves that would push her over the edge. This was so fast and dirty, but I couldn’t risk dragging it out like I wanted to and getting caught. I could feel the familiar pull at the base of my spine, signaling that I was almost there.

I threaded my fingers into her hair, completely wrecking the messy bun that had probably taken her thirty minutes to fix. She moaned when I tightened my grip, tugging at the blonde strands, and I felt her pussy tighten around me as her orgasm shot through her. She rested her upper body on the desk and dug her fingernails into my thighs even harder. It was sexy as hell watching her trying not to scream out as she came.

I choked back my own groans as I caught myself on the desk with one arm. I couldn’t hold back any longer. My fingers dug into the soft flesh of Dillon’s hips and I nipped the skin of her back with my teeth as I came. She shuddered underneath me and I smiled against her sweaty, salty skin.

“That—” I sucked in a harsh breath. “Was fucking amazing.”

She smiled wickedly beneath me. “I think that was definitely an ethics violation.”



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