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Relentless series

Violet Montgomery's life is far from average. At twenty-seven, she's semi-retired from her successful acting career and has one divorce under her belt. She traded in early call times for sleeping in and travelling the world. All Violet wants is to enjoy the peace and quiet away from controlling mother and asshole ex, but when the role of a lifetime comes up for grabs she has to have it.


Jaxon Garrett never planned to fall for Violet. Everything in his screams to keep this gorgeous, brilliant girl at arm’s length. He’s been burned before and he never wants to repeat that mistake again. There’s just something about her.


When a surprise in the form of a little pink plus sign comes around they have to make a decision on what’s more important, their hearts or their new arrival. And then there’s those pesky paparazzi that keep chasing them too. Can Violet and Jaxon figure out what their relationship is before they’re busted, or will they be the next big headline?

If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.

Taylor Montgomery doesn’t do relationships. Well, she didn’t until Stephen Davenport showed back up in her life. Now she’s thinking about things like settling down instead of being the Montgomery sister that can’t stay in one place for longer than a few months. But when she finds something hidden in Stephen’s desk that looks alarming like an engagement ring, she panics.



Stephen’s been in love with Taylor for as long as he can remember, and this isn’t the first time she’s ran away from her feelings for him, but it’s the last time he’s going to let her hurt him. How can he keep forgiving her when she breaks his heart into a million pieces every time she leaves?

Amanda Connelly wants a family. She’s ready to trade her glamorous life in for bottles and diapers, with or without a man. Too bad her plans abruptly come to a stop when her high school asshole ex comes flying back into her life. Now he’s talking about a future when she’s not even sure she can forgive him for the past.


Rhys Brooks wants his girl back. Mandi was supposed to be the woman he spent the rest of his life with, until he screwed it all up. He’s sure as hell not going to lose her again after running into her after all this time, but how can you apologize for keeping someone you love safe.


The chemistry between them is stronger than ever, but will Amanda be able to forgive Rhys for leaving her in the first place?

Emerald Carter Davis is a hot mess. After her divorce from her high school sweetheart, she thought that starting over with an amazing job in New York City would be the best medicine. And it probably was, until she found out that her ex never filed the divorce papers, which makes the fact that she’s dating one of the most eligible bachelors in NYC a problem.

Mason Davis was always supposed to be her future, but he wrecked her asking for the divorce ten days after they got married. Adam Parker is a wildly successful doctor who has a heart of gold and was there for her when she needed it most. Now Emmy has to choose between her past and her present, and it might just be the hardest decision of her life.