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The Golden Boy Series

Keeping Dominic

No one finds their soulmate at first glance.

Dominic Torres did though. From the second he saw his best friend’s little sister he knew she was the one for him. Fast forward three years and now she’s his best friend and he is firmly in the friend zone. He’s convinced he’ll never have the college romance that his parents did.

Until the day it almost happened.

Brooke Caldwell’s life fell apart two days after her tall, dark and handsome best friend almost kissed her. A split second of hesitation made her question her entire relationship with her best friend. You wouldn’t think that a kiss that didn’t even happen would make her question her feelings as much as it did. But all of Brooke’s friends had said he had a thing for her.

Unrequited love or a figment of her imagination?

When an argument gets out of hand, Brooke and Dom hit a breaking point that has both of them scrambling into new relationships. Even pissed off and broken, neither of them can ignore the other for long. From best friends to lovers, one night could change everything.

Educating Liam

Caroline Spencer likes things precise.





In her world, she likes to know what’s coming next. So when she spontaneously decides to move to Hawaii with her boyfriend Liam after dating him for six month, her life gets thrown for a loop. He’s the exact opposite of her. Things with him are always chaotic and crazy. He’s a risk taker and a daredevil. He pushes her out of her comfort zone and Caroline thinks she might actually like it.


Liam Kelly keeps secrets from the world.


Life altering secrets.


It’s how he survives. The few people that he trusts could shatter his life forever with just a few whispered words. He’s terrified of what might happen if Caroline ever found out. It could wreck the one part of him that makes him him. When disaster strikes, Caroline has to decide if the excitement he brought into her life is worth fighting for. It’s hard to imagine loving someone that might always leave you.

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Saving Sawyer

Coming 9/26/2018

Can the bad girl save the soldier?